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Download the latest firmware version:

PWT-SNMP Board-FW-IMG-v3.30.17-20201211.bin

Firmware history

v2.14 24-sep-2020 Add inlet’s reactive power.
v2.13 11-sep-2020 Add inlet’s frequency, Add inlet’s reactive energy
v2.12 20-jun-2019 Add phase[1,2,3] energy clean.
v2.11 28-nov-2018 Add AC fail/restore trap for ATS.
v2.10 10-sep-2018 Integrate SNMP EMD & EMD board.
v2.03 29-jun-2017 Fix the mibs bug for external EMD/EMD.
v2.02 25-jun-2017 Add the mibs for external EMD.
v2.01 17-nov-2017 Add the mibs for load balance.
v2.00 31-aug-2017 Modified the file for 8 Daisy Chain.
v1.00 31-jul-2017 Add the mib id of outlet voltage.
v0.18 17-May-2017 Fixed mail & trap description string length bug.
v0.17 18-Oct-2016 Added RCM alarm threshold and modify residual current trap.
v0.16 18-jul-2016 Added total current threshold and residual current trap
v0.15 12-aug-2015 Modified
v0.14 19-May-2015 Powertek Modified
v0.13 24-nov-2014 Powertek Modified
v0.12 1-sep-2014 Powertek Add outlets control
v0.11 11-Mar-2014 Powertek Modified
v0.10 14-feb-2014 Powertek Created