RMA policy

Process Terms and Conditions Process:

  1. RMA can only be requested by a Certified POWERTEK LTD re-seller/partner. End users should contact the re-seller they procured the unit from. For any issues or concerns, contact POWERTEK LTD technical support ( techelp@powertekpdus.com).
  2. Reseller requests RMA from POWERTEK LTD Technical support via support ticket, call/email.
  3. POWERTEK LTD Tech Support Raise RMA according to: The information submitted in the form o the age and warranty status of the unit
  4. Reseller and requested contacts receive confirmation email and further instructions.
    RMA Type Warranty Damaged packing and product Product is dead on arrival Notes
    (No replacement / Repair service) Yes Yes Yes Freight costs are handled by POWERTEK LTD
    (No replacement / Repair service) Expired No No A extra fee to repair will be charged
    (Advanced replacement) Yes No No Freight costs are handled by POWERTEK LTD
  5. Courier costs are picked up by the reseller / end customer in ALL circumstances except the following: a. Advanced replacement – The replacement unit is sent to the customer at POWERTEK LTD’s expense. b. No replacement / Repair service RMA – If unit is in Warranty and collection address is located in country of the buying reseller. i. Collection is explicitly requested before submitting the RMA form c. If a unit is DOA (Dead-on-arrival) POWERTEK LTD will arrange the collection i. Declared DOA if RMA is requested within one month of shipping from POWERTEK LTD
  6. Shipping of RMA units to end customer is only undertaken if the end-users shipping address is located in the same country as the reseller that requested the RMA.
  7. Customs clearance / duties will be picked up by the reseller for any shipments
  8. Replacement units (either permanently replaced or loan units) returned to POWERTEK LTD damaged will incur a refurbishment charge.
  9. Loan/Return for credit units must be in saleable and undamaged condition. Units to be clear of any labels/stickers.
  10. POWERTEK LTD will not accept units with none corresponding serial numbers. The serial numbers have to match with the RMA request form or shipped purchase order.
  11. RMA requests missing key information will not be processed by POWERTEK LTD. Requestors will be directed to correct and resubmit requests before processing.
  12. RMA will only be conducted with POWERTEK LTD resellers and partners. a. In case of RMA (repair service), POWERTEK LTD will invoice reseller/partner for the cost of repair (if non-warranty).