Customized Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Powertek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of customized rack PDUs and related solutions. Every unit is hand-built from scratch according to our customers’ specifications and 100% tested before leaving the factory. We offer non-metered, metering at the inlet, outlet, and PDU circuit breaker level, outlet switching and environmental monitoring support. Our PDUs measure Energy (kWh), Voltage (V), Current (A), Active Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA) and Power Factor (PF).

For over 10 years we only focus on power, supply our solutions worldwide and work with leading server rack manufacturers and endusers to provide tailormade power solutions. Our own production facility allows us to maintain and control the high quality of the components and deliver solutions in line with our clients quality and lead time expectations. By means of extensive contact with our clients, often through channel partners, we can make a blueprint of the optimal power solution for their specific environment.


Our solutions help small, midsize, enterprise and colocation datacenters to increase efficiency, raise productivity and improve reliability. They provide important insights on how to improve energy efficiency in datacenters and other locations, help eliminate human error and can operate in extreme environments. With monitoring and alarming features that spot problems before they occur and physical design elements that adapt to the toughest conditions, our solution protects your critical systems under any circumstances.

Our solutions enable you to:

• Prevent downtime due to overloads or human error
• Identify hot spots or overcooling
• Optimally balance loads per rack
• Identify ghost servers, high power consumption equipment and stranded capacity
• Comply with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Why Powertek intelligent rack power distribution units (PDUs)?

• Fully customized according to your specifications
• Short lead times (1-2 weeks)
• Best in class price-performance ratio

We offer the broadest range of custom-made PDU models ranging from basic, metered to highly intelligent (outlet monitored and switched), three phase or single phase and ratings of 10A up to 63A. Also we support all worldwide AC voltage and current rates and supply the most options for input plugs (IEC, NEMA etc) and outlet types (including Schuko).

Full Product Range
Built-to-order PDUs

These are 5 basic steps you should follow to help you to select and deploy the appropriate rack PDUs for your data center:

1. Find the power inlet location, determine the form factor that best fits the racks (horizontal or vertical) and decide on the required length of the input power cord.

2. Determine the infrastructure voltage and circuits, phase, and amperage for the rack (16A/32A/63A, single phase or three phase).

3. Find out how many devices are in the racks and what type type of plugs are used on the devices in the rack e.g. C14, C20 or Schuko in order to determine the PDU outlet number and types and the total power (kW, kVA) required. Optional: locking outlets.

4. Decide if remote outlet switching is desired and what level of metering is required (no metering, per PDU or per outlet) and if a local display is needed.

5. Figure out if there is a for need for ethernet (IP) access, coloured PDUs or environmental monitoring.


Our PDUs support the most stringent security protocols in the market in order to prevent unauthorized access (256 bit AES encryption, Radius, SNMPv3, user permissions, SSH, SSL, HTTPS).

Hydraulic-magnetic Circuit Breakers

Our PDUs are equipped with highly reliable hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers which are not affected by ambient temperature and support delay curves appropriate for IT-equipment. Also our solutions proactively monitor the status of the breakers in order to prevent downtime due to server power supply failure or overloads.

Energy Efficient Latching Relays

Our PDUs are equipped with energy efficient, bi-stable latching relays. These relays consume up to 70% less energy than alternatives, make outlet switching safer and can be configured in such a way that in case of PDU failure the power distribution to the rack is maintained.

Kwh Metering Accuracy

All our PDUs feature +/- 1% billing grade accuracy enabling precise allocation of datacenter expenses.

Full Color Range

Powertek PDUs are available in any RAL-colour. Coloured PDUs make it easier to reduce human errors, identify power feeds and lowering the risk of unplanned downtime. 

Secure Locking Outlets

Powertek intelligent rack PDUs are equipped with lockable outlets preventing powercords from coming unplugged due to human error or vibration.

Residual Current Monitoring Option

By measuring current flowing in the ground wire, our residual current monitoring option reduces the risk of electric shock. PDUs equipped with residual current monitoring dramatically reduce the burden of regulatory auditing.

Cascading Option

In order to save on network ports and manage multiple devices from one IP address we offer the opportunity to daisychain up to 8 PDUs using Cat5/6 cable.

Environmental Monitoring Devices (EMD)

We provide optional all in one sensors with temperature and humidity measurement and 2 additional digital input contacts for connecting for example waterleak-, door position-, airflow-, smoke dtection- or vibration sensors.

Network Protocols

Our PDUs support HTTP(s), SSH, RS-232 (Serial), SNMP v1/v2/v3, SMTP and Modbus

Circuit Breaker Trip Alarming

Our solutions pro-actively monitor the status of the circuit breakers (voltage and current monitoring) and will send you an alert in case a circuit breaker has tripped.

Operating Temperature

Powertek PDUs support a maximum operating temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius for reliable performance in dense, high heat environments.


Interoperability with third party software

If you would like to centrally manage all PDUs in your datacenter this is possible. Our solutions offer the option to communicate the status of rack-level power and environmental information to a third party Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution such as Power IQ.

Worldwide Certifications

Our PDUs are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory and compliant with the most stringent electrical standards such as UL, CE,  TÜV, RoHS and IEC60950-1.


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