Since 2003 we only focus on supplying customized datacenter power solutions and this is why we are experts in this field. All our rack power distribution units (PDU), inline meters, power splitters and automatic transfer switches (ATS) are hand-built from scratch according to your or your customers’ specifications,  They are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory and compliant with the most stringent electrical standards such as UL, CE,  TÜV, RoHS and IEC60950-1. Our PDUs are exceptionally reliable and deliverered when you need them.

We supply rack PDUs in 6 versions, namely basic (distribution only), metered (local display), monitored (remote control via ip), outlet monitored, outlet switched and outlet monitored and switched.

Customized rack PDU
Customized rack PDU

Basic PDUs still have their place in the data center, but ideally, operators should have greater visibility into the performance of mission-critical equipment. For colocation facilities, real-time, remote power monitoring is essential for accurate client billing. For data centers in general, the ability to track energy consumption patterns as in-depth as an individual server or switch adds an entirely new layer of quality: visibility into the performance of your facility both on the macro and micro levels.

Switched PDUs take that quality to the next level. Individual outlets on a specific PDU can actually be disabled remotely if, for instance, a particular server is experiencing a problem and needs to be power cycled. Consider another example, in which the monitored current is coming dangerously close to exceeding a pre-designated threshold for a certain rack. With a switched PDU, technicians will automatically be notified of this issue. They will then have the option of dealing with the situation remotely, perhaps by cutting power delivery to non-essential servers in that row until they’re able to find a more permanent solution.

Below a selection of the customized PDUs we built so far. Please contact us for a tailormade quotation or product drawing via or We will be more than willing to be of any further assistance.

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