Environment sensors

One of the most common causes of downtime is hardware failure resulting from exceeded temperature
or humidity levels within the cabinet. In contrast—as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and
Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends as industry best practice—it is important to maintain the
appropriate temperature levels within the white space, as they have a strong correlation to the overall energy
consumption within the data center.
According to ASHRAE 2015 Thermal Guidelines, IT equipment of all classes should be maintained within a
temperature range of 64.4–80.6°F (18 – 27°C) and relative humidity within the range of 40 – 60 percent. Also,
the difference between inlet and outlet temperature should be within 35°F (20°C) and should not change more
than 9°F (5°C) in any 15-minute period2.
It is important to measure, and track inlet and outlet temperature and inlet humidity at each rack/cabinet in
order to assure conditions are within ASHRAE recommended limits. A good strategy is to place a temperature
and humidity probe near the top front and rear of each cabinet.

Our EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) is a sensor that allows you to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity and status of the 2 digital inputs (dry contacts) on the device. The EMD is connected to the sensor port on our rack power distribution unit (PDU) via a UTP-cable. When connected the temperature and humidity information is automatically displayed in the PDU user menu. Same goes for the information of the sensors connected to the 2 digital inputs on the EMD.

Apart from our combined temperature/humidity sensor we also supply door-, smoke detection and water leakage sensors.